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Welcome to my online portfolio.

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Below you'll find examples of some of the projects I've worked on. Please take a look.

Projects requiring typography and technical drawing


Works from projects with a more artistic bent


I'm currently freelancing as a one-man art team for a videogame being developed in Florida,
here's a pre-release trailer.


Tilesets, spritesheets & Key art

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I'm David, thanks for visiting my portfolio. So, about me... I spent my childhood in the Welsh countryside getting muddy, playing videogames and drawing. Always heavy on the creative subjects through to higher education, it ultimately paid off with Distinctions for Art, Design & Media Communication.

After graduating, I spent a few years in the career wilderness - mainly bartending, whilst painting commissions and designing events posters in my spare time.  It took a while to work up the courage and accept that professional art & design was my full-time calling, but in 2010 I took the plunge. Eight years on and I'm still going.

I still work in the countryside, because it's brilliant.  I still draw because I enjoy it.

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Be it an interest in working with me or a query you may have, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always open.

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Or Phone: 01269 845 585

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