8 years a freelancer and not a blog in sight… I should get with the times…

Greeting all, and thank you for visiting my humble site. First things first, let me get this out there: I’m an awful public speaker - even social media gives me the frights - but I do enjoy from time to time sharing my insights, doodles & projects.

Sadly there’s nothing to show this first time though, just a “Hello”, a brief introduction and heads-up of what I plan to share with y’all. Typically it’ll be varying scrapes, sketches and paintings I’m working on. I of course plan to pepper this with idle musings and references to things that take my interest.

So… I think that’s about it, short and sweet for now. Thanks once more for visiting. Whether it was intent or by accident, I hope you enjoy what you find!

graphic design, artDavid Owen