about me

I was raised amongst the hills and trees of the Welsh countryside, and spent my childhood running the fields, playing video games and drawing.  I attended colleges upon leaving school to pursue the creative subjects, ultimately resulting in Distinctions for Art, Design & Media Communication.

Subsequent to my graduation, I spent a some time in the career wilderness doing bar-work and shopkeeping; doodling in receipt books and notepads while at work, and bespoke painting & designing events posters in my spare time.  Perpetually inky-handed but unsatisfied on the whole, it took time to work up the courage and accept that professional art & design was my full-time calling.  

I took the step into self employment in 2010. Over this time I’ve worked on a variety of  intriguing projects for a wide range of satisfied clients.

I'm married with children, and still work in a quiet and beautiful community, but for a much wider client base.  I hold a true passion for my work.  I still draw because I enjoy it.



• Graphic Design • Digital & Traditional Art • Typography

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• Concept Art • Bespoke Art • Game Art • Promo Art


• Flyers & Posters • Logo Design • UI/UX Design