This is me.

I was Inky-fingered from nursery to university and spent my formative years absorbed with visuals, ultimately resulting in distinctions for Art, Design & Media Communication. Today it’s tempered with real-world knowledge and daily utilisation of digital & traditional media.

My work is inspired by the things that occupied my childhood and adolescence (namely the countryside, comics, computers & cartoons). This is the stuff that constantly fed my imagination and manifested itself in my creativity. Having a keen interest in storytelling, I believe a good image tells its own tale, and as such explore a variety of avenues to convey that something extra, whether for client work or my own.

I’ll probably always live in the countryside, and draw as often as I can.



If you’re interested in using my services or have a question about my work, please feel free to get in touch using any of the methods below. I’m always happy to discuss projects.

Phone: 01792 941 048
Email: info@drawnbydai.com